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Leaders in Our Field of Expertise

At Queensland Cardiovascular Group (QCG) our patients’ experience is our primary focus – and it is a team effort. As leaders in their fields, our specialist cardiologists and other health professionals provide patients and referring doctors with a quality integrated service. At QCG, you will find compassionate clinical care, along with cutting-edge technologies and services.

We are a diverse group – while all our cardiologists provide general consultations, they all have specific advanced training and personal areas of expertise.

A referral to QCG ensures that patients can easily access the advanced specialist that is best suited to their needs. Meet our team and their areas of expertise here:

Putting patients first is our focus

As the largest provider of high quality, holistic cardiology care in Queensland, QCG patients can be assured they are receiving multidisciplinary high-quality care as soon as they need it. We offer easy access to a team of expert medical specialists, who work together, alongside patients, to improve their cardiovascular health and support their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Our highly-trained specialists understand the stress many patients and their families feel when first referred to a cardiac specialist – it can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. We are here to listen, to explain, to educate, and put your mind at ease throughout our consultations, diagnostic procedures and treatment therapies. We’ll take time to understand your test results, explain the results, and develop a plan for your treatment or management plan.

Holistic, accessible support for your heart

Our Queensland clinics provide Clinical and Interventional (Procedural) Cardiologists, Cardiac Nurses and Dietitian services, supporting our patients through every step of their cardiac health journey – from consultations, diagnostic tests, medication, procedure to treatment plans and ongoing care. 

We’re here to support you on your journey towards better heart-health and wellbeing.

Experience the QCG difference

Easily accessible and convenient clinic locations

As a private speciality practice, we are dedicated to providing excellent service, and access to your choice of advanced trained and experienced doctors. Our specialists see patients across multiple convenient clinic locations in Southeast Queensland, reducing the burden of travel and time for patients, which can be especially important for those who have mobility issues, or live outside of major cities.

Reassurance you’ll receive outstanding clinical care every time

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to patient care, ensuring we are giving patients tools for better overall health and wellbeing throughout their lives. Because heart-healthy living means understanding your risk, making healthy choices, and taking steps together with your medical team to maintain good health, we tailor our care to each individual’s health circumstances.

Holistic care, tailored to your individual needs

The QCG team prioritises the needs and wellbeing of patients. We provide outstanding medical care, listen to patients’ concerns and questions, and include patients and family members in the treatment decision making process. We believe in the importance of providing clear and understandable information throughout the patient journey.

Our holistic approach to care also considers environmental and lifestyle factors that may impact a person’s health. We promote self-care and self-management where appropriate throughout the patient’s journey.

Freedom to choose your preferred doctor who meets your needs

QCG is a diverse group of experts in their fields, including cardiac electrophysiologists (heart rhythm specialists), interventional cardiologists, imaging and CT cardiologists – who all provide general cardiology as well. An advantage of this diverse range of skills is that patients can easily be referred within the group to the most appropriate specialist.

Speak with your referrer to choose from our team of expertly trained cardiovascular specialists for your condition – or contact our team for assistance.

Comprehensive tests and treatments using cutting-edge technology

At QCG, our diagnostic tests and tools, treatments, and procedures, are grounded in the latest technology. We have comprehensive diagnostics and testing on-site at our clinics, 
And we keep up with the latest technology. As experts in their field with a history of exceptional patient care, QCG specialists are often granted early access to new technology from medical supplier partners. This can include new medical devices, surgical techniques, imaging technology, and other tools that are at the forefront of medical research and development. These technologies can help improve the accuracy of diagnoses, increase the effectiveness of treatments, support QCG research and reduce the risk of patient complications.

Experience the QCG difference

Call us today to discuss your options with our friendly office team.
You will need a referral from your GP before your consultation, however, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your heart health needs and receive advice on which specialist may be right for your GP referral request.

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