Australian First for QCG Cardiologists

Published at September 5, 2019

Queensland Cardiovascular Group has become the first practice in Australia to use ground-breaking technology to treat patients with heart disease.  

Dr John Hayes and Dr Michael Adsett used the cutting-edge cryoballoon catheter device to perform surgery on patients last month.  

Dr Hayes said atrial fibrillation is a growing cardiovascular disease affecting around 430,000 Australians. 

“Patients with atrial fibrillation can experience symptoms of palpitations, fatigue, weakness, exercise intolerance, discomfort or dizziness, as the heart is not pumping efficiently,” Dr Hayes said.

He said the new device shows great promise in delivering better results faster. 

“This technology can result in shorter procedure times and a lower likelihood of recurrent atrial fibrillation. For the patient, this means few will require a second procedure,” Dr Hayes said. 

This advancement will allow Cardiologists to remove more troublesome heart tissue than previously possible, leading to better results for patients.

“We can now treat the condition in the most effective and efficient way, allowing patients to regain their quality of life and engage in activities that may have been difficult before,” Dr Hayes said. 

“The operation using this technology takes only 60-80 minutes, with an overnight recovery in hospital. Previously patients may have been looking at procedures lasting up to 5 hours,” Dr Hayes noted.

Queensland Cardiovascular Group has been paving the way in embracing medical advancements and sophisticated technology for over 25 years. We’re pleased to pioneer this technology in Australia, which could deliver game-changing results for our patients.  

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