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Medical-Objects allows you to securely communicate clinical correspondence. It not only provides you more efficient and reliable patient care, but saves you time and money.

You can electronically send your patient referrals and letters to us, as well as receive your reports, letters and discharge summaries from us, directly into your practice management software within 24 hours. It also eliminates the need for scanning, faxing and posting.

Correspondence is protected with high level security and encryption, ensuring all results are safe.

Medical-Objects uses provider numbers, so please ensure all your details are kept up to date.

To register, download one of the forms below:

GP Standard Edition Send & Receive Registration Form – (PDF) 317Kb

GP Receive Only Registration Form – (PDF) 329Kb

Specialist Standard Edition Send & Receive Registration Form – (PDF) 317Kb

Specialist Receive Only Registration Form – (PDF) 326Kb

For more information visit

Alternatively, contact our rooms via the Doctors Hotline on 07 3016 1110.