Your Dedicated Heart Failure Team


QCG Heart Failure Institute

Queensland Cardiovascular Group is home to a specialist clinical team who are dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of heart failure. As a patient undergoing treatment with our expert team, you will receive best-in-class heart failure care and continuous support throughout the management of your condition and your entire journey of care.

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Clear steps in your care pathway

Heart failure management can be a confusing and difficult process. Different specialists and centres can have unclear processes, which make it difficult for patients to know where to go and who they should be seeing about their condition.

At Queensland Cardiovascular Group, we have made the journey of care simple and clear, ensuring that you are at the centre of our heart failure team.

We work hard to cater to your individual needs:

  • Providing you access to a heart failure specialised clinical team
  • Constructing a simple, personalised care plan
  • Providing continuous support, during your entire journey of care

Specialised care

Specialist-led, guideline-based treatment of heart failure, throughout the entire journey of care.

Dedicated support

Regular contact and assistance from our team in person and while you’re at home.

Integrated care

Co-management systems and tools that keep all treating healthcare professionals up to date.

Specialised care

“Expertise and processes that keep you in safe hands.”

At Queensland Cardiovascular Group, your condition is treated by a dedicated team of heart failure specialists, with purpose-built IT systems focused towards heart failure management.

Our Team

A dedicated clinical team, including specialist heart failure cardiologists, heart failure GP, heart failure nurse practitioner and patient counsellors.

Our System

IT systems built around the unique needs of heart failure management.


Dedicated support

“A program committed to you.”

On Track program

With our “On Track” program, we help you get the most out of your heart failure treatment. When you start with our clinic, you’ll receive a personalised plan created specifically to manage your heart failure. We’ll follow and adapt your plan depending on your changing needs, and will be in regular contact with you in person and by phone to make sure you’re doing the best you can on treatment and meeting your lifestyle goals.

Educational materials

As well as answering any questions you may have, we’ll make sure you’re kept informed with everything you need to know about your condition with our comprehensive range of heart failure educational materials.

Integrated care

“Sharing the management of your condition.”

Co-medical management

We work closely with your GP, specialists and allied health professionals to determine who needs to be involved at each stage of care.

Symptom monitoring and alerts

We track your condition and alert the relevant treating physicians if your symptoms change.


At Queensland Cardiovascular Group, we believe in a co-management approach to heart failure care. By keeping in close contact with your GP and any other specialists involved in your care, we can make sure everyone is on the same page and knows the best way to manage your condition.

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