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Following a cardiac event, participating in cardiac rehab has been demonstrated to improve quality of life, and may reduce the chances of experiencing a second cardiac event. QCG cardiologists strongly recommend that all patients who have a cardiac event participate in a 6-8 week program of cardiac rehabilitation soon after they are discharged from hospital. 
QCG offers our patients digital cardiac rehab via the QCG Care smartphone app powered by Cardihab. You have the flexibility to complete the program at a place and a time that suits you and fits with your lifestyle. You can start the program as soon as it suits you, without having to wait for a space in a traditional rehab group. You will be supported by the QCG Care team through regular one-on-one phone calls. 

QCG Care will help you:

  • Complete your cardiac rehab with fewer visits to the hospital clinic.
  • Exercise at home.
  • Track your blood pressure, step count, alcohol consumption, smoking habits and more.
  • Record and keep track of your medications. 
  • Learn about heart health and your recovery with our videos and online articles. 
  • Manage stress with guided relaxation audio.
  • Stay on track with regular tasks to improve your health and cardiac knowledge. 

Contact us to talk to our QCG Care team about using the app as part of a remote, flexible cardiac rehabilitation program.

QCG Care Team Hours of Operation

Call today on 07 3016 1168

Monday to Friday:

10:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:


Public Holidays:


Our app is NOT a continuously monitored site: if you are experiencing chest pain, please call 000.

Next Steps

  • Contact our QCG Care team via the Enquiry form or 07 3016 1168 to enquire about using the app
    Follow our step-by-step download process below
  • In your consultation with our cardiac nurse, create your personalised management plan
  • Once you are eligible, download QCG Care to your smartphone and follow the instructions listed in your brochure pack
  • Take an active role in your plan and take charge of the choices, lifestyle and habits that affect your heart health
  • Call 000 if you experience chest pain, new or worsening symptoms

Go into the Apple App Store, or Google Play. In the Search field, type QCG Care’, then click ‘INSTALL’.

Open the app on your smart device, and select ‘Register’.

Tap the box ‘I agree to the above’ when you understand the Terms and Conditions and then tap Continue’Enter your name, gender, and date of birth and tap ‘Next’.

Check your mobile phone number is correct and then enter the provider site name (provided by our Cardiac Nurse or Staff). Then tap ‘Register’.

We will then send you a text message with an SMS verification code. Enter the SMS code, then tap ‘Verify Code’.

Allow Notifications within the App to receive reminders. You and your clinican can now use the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Patient FAQ’s & Information Booklet to hopefully find the answer to some commonly asked questions.

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