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About Remote Monitoring Service

Queensland Cardiovascular Group offer a Remote Monitoring Service that enables ‘virtual check-ups’ for your implanted cardiac device (Pacemaker, Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator or Loop Recorder). Remote monitoring allows you to directly and securely transmit data from your device to our team from the comfort of your own home. This enables us to detect significant events such as abnormal heart rhythm, monitor the performance of you device such as battery life, and optimise our care through device programming or medication changes.

Your participation in remote monitoring allows us to follow your device function between visits and in some situations, it may replace office visits. This means less time spent at the doctor’s office for regular checks, faster time to treatment if your Cardiologist detects a medical problem and faster troubleshooting if a problem is detected with your device. Research evidence has shown that early detection of issues through remote monitoring leads to improved health outcomes and a reduced risk of hospital admission.

How does it work?

If you are offered with our Remote Monitoring Service, then your device already has the capability to directly send information to your Cardiologist. You will be provided with a remote monitor transmission device for your home that will send information from your device either by wireless or manual transmission to QCG’s technicians, Nurses and Cardiologists. The monitor uses a secure server, ensuring the integrity and safety of the transmitted data.

Remote transmission times will be scheduled on a regular basis. You will receive notification from our Remote Monitoring Clinic prior to the review and of the outcome after the review. Your cardiologist may also receive automatic alerts during business hours if your device detects a serious heart rhythm problem, or if there is an issue with the device function, such as declining battery life.


Benefits of Remote Monitoring

The Remote Monitoring System has many advantages saving time and providing a higher level of care than standard device checks.

  • Enables ‘virtual check-ups’ from the comfort of home.
  • Alerts us to significant medical events.
  • Enables us to monitor the performance of your device, and optimise your care.
  • Less time spent at the doctor’s office for regular checks, saving you the time and costs involved with getting there.
  • Faster time to treatment if there is a medical problem.
  • Faster troubleshooting if there is problem with your device.
  • Ability to access the device and heart rhythm if a significant clinical symptom occurs.
  • Early detection and appropriate action leads to improved health outcomes and reduced risk of hospital admission.

Annual Monitoring Fee and What it Covers

We provide Remote Home Monitoring as an annual subscription service. The service fee covers the following:

  • There will be an annual fee for subscription to the Remote Monitoring Service. Medicare will provide a rebate that will cover part of the cost which you can claim when your review is completed. Patients who are DVA Gold Card Holders will have all costs covered by DVA.
  • A remote home monitor transmission device.
  • Review of our scheduled transmissions over 12 months: we will schedule dates for the transmission and make appropriate contact as required.
  • Your dated will be reviewed by your Cardiologist and a detailed letter sent to our referring doctor and your other relevant medical specialists.
  • You will be notified in writing of our results and the timing of our next scheduled remote review or in-rooms appointment.
Normal Rate Pension Rate

Important Points

Emergency: If you have a medical emergency, or if in doubt – contact the ambulance service by dialling 000.

Our staff do not monitor your device on a 24-hour basis. The service is manned during business hours, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. We do not review data on weekend or public holidays.

We will inform you when your scheduled transmission is to take place. You will receive written confirmation that the transmission has been collected and we will contact you directly if there are any abnormalities or concerns regarding the scheduled transmission.

If you wish to send an unscheduled transmission you must notify the Remote Clinic prior to performing the additional transmission call 07 3016 1111, don’t worry if the call goes to voicemail, it will be picked up the same day and the technicians will know to look at your transmission. If the clinic is not notified, there can be no guarantee the information will be reviewed urgently, but it will still be reviewed by the pacemaker technicians along with all the standard transmissions.

Due to the large numbers of patients using this service, we request that you do not contact the Remote Clinic to obtain the results from your transmission: rest assured, if there are any issues you will be contacted directly, and if all is well you will receive written confirmation by mail or email. Your follow-up schedule will be individually tailored according to your clinical needs.

Remote Monitor Support

Click on your implanted device below for information to support you in setting up and using your remote monitor, including instructional videos and/or brochures. For technical support, please contact one of the free call numbers listed below.


Technical Support: Free call 1800 644 128 
8:30am – 5pm AEST Monday – Friday

Reveal LINQ

MyCareLink Monitor

Boston Scientific

Technical Support: Free call 1800 628 488 
8:30am – 5pm AEST Monday – Friday

Latitude Monitor

Abbott (formerly known as St. Jude Medical)

Merlin Monitor

Technical Support: Free call 1800 899 081
6am – 12pm AEST (call centre is in USA)


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